Reader Question:

I’ve seen this guy a few occasions in which he directs myself pics of himself (partial nude). The guy seems curious once we talk and Skype, but he never features time for you really see me.

I don’t wish to waste my personal time if he’s not curious, but exactly how perform I know without inquiring and appearing needy? I kind of like him.

-Lynn P. (Fl)

Specialist’s Response:

Hey Lynn,

I am inquisitive as soon as you state you “observed” this person once or twice. Do you realy suggest in-person or simply online? Next you say, “He appears curious as soon as we talk and Skype, but he never has time for you to in fact see me.” For that reason, i will assume the both of you never met out in the real world.

Why don’t we look at the chance that the guy is attached – meaning he has a girlfriend or a girlfriend. Maybe he’s bored stiff within his commitment and in the place of literally cheating on his partner, he’s psychologically cheating on the – with you. Does that sound feasible?

I am simply convinced that when this man was carrying on an on-line commitment because he was thinking about having it blossom into a genuine relationship, won’t he have inked that by now?

My personal advice is this: end operating yourself crazy and get this person exactly what his purposes are. If something smells fishy, this may be most likely is.

All the best!


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