Disposable Medical Isolation Clothing


Isolation gowns found in the marketplace today are produced from a variety of fabrics and a wide range of fibers. Isolation gowns are generally classified as “disposable/single-use”or “reusable/multi-use”. In the U.S., disposable isolation gowns are used more commonly, while in Europe the share of reusables is larger. Approximately 80% of hospitals in the U.S. use single-use gowns and drapes [41].

Disposable (single-use) isolation gowns are designed to be discarded after a single use and are typically constructed of nonwoven materials alone or in combination with materials that offer increased protection from liquid penetration, such as plastic films. They can be produced using a variety of nonwoven fiber-bonding technologies (thermal, chemical, or mechanical) to provide integrity and strength rather than the interlocking geometries associated with woven and knitted materials. The basic raw materials typically used for disposable isolation gowns are various forms of synthetic fibers